I mean, I assume you all are amazing and already did, but just in case

It goes without saying that The Daves and this Dave specifically skew pretty progressive. You’ve probably received an indescribable amount of text messages and emails imploring you to vote (one way or another) and consider this just one more. If you need to still go vote in person, in Minnesota, you can find poll locations here. If for some reason you are not a Minnesotan and reading this, first, thank you, second you can find more information here.

Nearly as important, make a plan for this evening. My wife (totally turning off her phone) and I will be watching The American President until she goes to bed and then I will be frantically doom-scrolling Twitter and smoking just enough weed to keep me calm. I have a good feeling about today, but gird yourself for the worst (just in case).

Anyway, thank you for subscribing to this silly thing. Because I like you all, here is a picture of my kid.