Volume 1, Issue 4: Champions of Everything

Like literally, everything.

So, it has taken me a long time to actually get to writing this section. Almost two weeks as a matter of fact. There are a lot of reasons; I have an 18-month-old that I am responsible for during the day, job-hunting, picking up the occasional work shift, general life shenanigans, the now continuous onslaught of soccer matches, almost daily but those aren’t the real reason.

I think it has taken me this long to compose my thoughts because I don’t want it to end. The finality of writing down my thoughts and emotions, in my crazy brain, indicates the end, the finality of the season. After that, it is on to next season, to defending a title, to having the crosshairs on the backs of what appear to be shit-tastic Nike shirts (which clearly I will buy, once someone hires me!). And to be perfectly frank with you I am not ready for this to end. I want to continue watching Guards of Honor for the only professional sports team I follow that has won a title in my adult life (I don’t count the Minnesota Stars 2011 run, as I was only very tangentially following the team at that point). I’ve seen my beloved Golden Gophers hockey team win National Championships (and survived the Dinkytown riots to boot) and the amazing USWNT win three World Cups since I could legally smoke cigarettes and drive, but I had never seen a major professional sports team I support win a title* as an adult.

*I don’t count the Minnesota Lynx, not because I don’t consider them a major professional sport, it’s because I just don’t like/follow basketball. Respect the hell out of them and anyone who argues about Minnesota being Loserville because our men suck at sports is clearly an asshole and not paying attention.

So I am gonna hold off on diving deep into the deep convoluted emotions I felt all year, but specifically on the afternoon of the 25th. July 22nd is when Liverpool will get to lift the trophy, so maybe then. In any chance, I have bought myself another 15 days.

A few other things of interest

For your earballs

So, we were literally the first podcast to discuss FC Dallas being kicked out of the #MLSisBack Tournament, we also had a real, live Ph.D. of Epidemiology and someone who has been the preeminent voice when it comes to return to play for sports in the United States, Dr. Zach Binney. Listen here!

Martin and I got together to record our Liverpool Vanity Project!

We also spoke with an actual German!

NWSL is back baby!

Lynn Williams is probably the best American soccer player right now.

The restart has been great! The Houston Dash 3 - Utah Royals 3 match was fucking bonkers! Even most of the 0-0 matches have been highly entertaining.

This is how you do a badge reveal

Take note… everyone else. Iceland is not just a bad-ass country, with some badass mythology, but now has a badass new crest, complete with motherfucking badass hype video

Now I wanna go run through a goddamn brick wall for Iceland. Also the crest, chef’s kiss!

#COVIDCup Bracket Challenge

This tournament, which is obviously, definitely, gonna happen has a bracket predictor tournament. Join the Daves I Know League by clicking here

Some Things You May Have Missed

Bright Eyes has a new record coming out in August and based on the few tracks I’ve heard it sounds pretty awesome. Check out the newest track below.

This news, broke literally minutes after I sent the last newsletter. A fun game to play is name that Wisconsin Strip Club.

This might not be the smartest idea, but if Björk is involved I am in!

I absolutely hate Minnesota winters, but if it prevents me from having to deal with zombie insects, fuck it bring on the snow I guess!

One of my favorite (and seriously problematic movies starring Sean Connery, which let’s be fair is quite a lot of Sean Connery movies), Zardoz is now streaming on Hulu. Honestly, you should probably watch Bend it Like Beckham instead.