I am also the Villian

Casting stones and whatnot

Brent Kallman being a terrible person aside, I am not without faults. As the old saying goes he who is without sin gets to break the shit out of Billy Joel’s Glass House. And for some fucking reason that stupid house is still standing.

Again, aside from Billy Joel being a crime against humanity, I am not without sin. I’ve done the drugs, I’ve drank and drove, I’ve been misogynistic, homophobic, and probably a bit racist in my sordid history.

I’ve been a terrible piece of shit, on more than one occasion. I’ve also not righted all of these wrongs. Some I intend to (but have not gotten to yet), some I (seemingly) never will (because people will, rightfully, not speak to me), some I don’t even know whom to apologize to, but I have grown as a person over the last 20 years. I believe in growth. Growth is what makes us human.

I want to continue growing, to continue to acknowledge my personal failings, to understand my privilege, to lift up, and amplify the voices of my friends. I choose to be better.