Apparently, Brent Kallman just wants to be a villain

Seriously, the fuck was Brent doing?

So I wrote a bit ago about heroes and villains, I opined on the moral turpitude it must take to be the “lone wolf” in a sea of accommodating assholes.

You know what I was fucking wrong. Brent Kallman is just a fucking asshole.

I apologize for giving that motherfucker even one iota of a benefit of the doubt. The audacity it takes to be the SINGLE person who stands for what is to be a solemn moment is some real KAREN energy. Knowing what happened mere miles from the place you call home, minutes from where you are literally fucking standing and you don’t have the understanding to kneel for the black men and women (you theoretically know) to acknowledge their pain and suffering is a very bold move cotton! A very bold move.

Brent and all the Brent-ites are assholes. We need to call them out for being assholes. I am a middle-class white guy. Honestly, two years ago my wife was making more money than Brent Kallman. I am fine. Brent is fine. You know who isn’t fine. Millions of people who don’t even have a proper roof over their head. People living less than a mile from me in a park in tents when the temperature are in the teens, they are not fine. People who may have that roof over their head but don’t have the access to resources to BUY the place they are living in, those people, my brothers and sisters are NOT fine. There are people living in tents next to a MNUFC & Target branded futsal court less than a mile from Allianz Field. Those people are definitely NOT FINE.

Brent will Brent. I am sure I will never talk to him ever again, it’s fine. (I still have his last ever NASL jersey, you’ll pry that from my cold dead hands) But at this point, no one (except maybe me) cares about that piece of shit. That is fine.